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Our studio is doing our part in keeping our students safe and well at this time and we ask you to do the same by diligently adhering to the following protocols :

Studio Arrival

Wear a mask when arriving at the studio - please bring your own mat and towels - we are not offering rentals at this time.

Stand outside 6ft away from your fellow students.

Enter studio when asked to by the teacher - your temperature will be taken with a contact-less forehead IR thermometer. Any student with a temperature over 100.4 will be asked to leave immediately. 

Use the hand sanitizer at the front desk.

Once verbally checked in to class, please enter the hot room.

Inside The Hot Room

Set up your mat with the front center aligned with the yellow colored squares on the floor.

Remove your mask for class - If you need to use the restroom, please wear your mask again.

Do not touch the doors or the heat controls.

Once class ends, please leave the room as quickly and efficiently as possible - no congregating in the common areas inside the studio.

At this time, there are no showers available for students to use. 

Class Sign-Up

Sign up is mandatory and each class is limited to 24 students and 1 teacher - allowing at least 6ft distance between all students.

If you don't sign up in advance, you will have to wait outside the studio until all the students who did sign up, arrive. You may not be allowed in to practice if the class is full.

All students must pay in advance for class.

No show students will be charged the $20 drop in - space is limited and it is not fair if you sign up and don't show up and another student misses out. Do not sign up unless you plan to follow through with the commitment. 


When signing up, please use the same email address you used when you first came to our studio - otherwise the system assumes you are a different student and will not allow you to use your existing package. If this occurs, please contact us by email so we can merge the accounts.

Cleaning Of The Studio

Following every class, we will be completely sanitizing the hot room, along with all the common areas.


All surfaces, handles, ledges etc - anywhere anyone may have touched, will be wiped down comprehensively with Lysol spray.


Every evening, our contracted cleaning company will be deep cleaning and disinfecting the entire studio, ready for the next day.

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