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I am physically and mentally stronger than I ever thought I could be. That's the self realization piece.  Nothing and nobody can steal my peace and I love myself!  I accept me the way that I am ;-)




My best friend had been telling me about Bikram Yoga for a few months.  Being a Vinyasa student and instructor, I was always like, 'I'm good, that's too sweaty and stinky for me!" One day we were hanging out and she looked SO AWESOME, I said "What time are you going to class tomorrow, I'm coming!" Ever since this past May, I've been going to class regularly 5-6 times per week. After class one morning the 30 day challenge was announced. Automatically, I was in and figured, if I don't complete it, no big deal but if I do, I wonder how great the benefits will be, I've gotten so much in such a short amount of time. Completing the 30 day challenge was the best thing I've done for myself along with eating the best, organic raw food ever :) I lost 14 lbs in 6 months and it's still coming off every week.

My mind is sharper and this was another example of when you set a goal and take the actions, you get amazing benefits.

I am now on day 34 today and still going because I feel so good. This is healing & powerful yoga and I'm so happy I opened my mind and body to such an incredible practice. I'm grateful for the studio, awesome teachers, and students/friends that share space and energy with me everyday. Namaste




Looking back at my Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge experience many emotions and feelings surface in my mind. In the beginning of this challenge I did not think I could do this and it seemed like a daunting task. I only just started practicing this Summer 2012 but signed up anyway!  One of the things that has empowered me is the support system at Bikram Yoga Delray Beach. I love being encouraged which helps me to try my best for myself every time.   

There are many things I have achieved out of the 30 day Challenge. I have regulated my sleeping pattern,  increased the tone in my body and have had a surge in self confidence based on seeing the physical changes that I made happen in my body!  Over a period of many months, I was working towards my masters degree, which involved sometimes sitting for multiple hours a day studying and writing.  I was not getting enough exercise. Now that I have been consistently practicing Bikram yoga I feel mentally and physically stronger and I feel I can conquer and set new goals for myself.

When my friends ask me about Bikram Yoga I always tell them this practice is much more than a work out, it is a lifestyle and it becomes a part of your life. You just have to be willing to make the decision and try it once. From there, you will be able to create your own special success story.

After this challenge, I realize this is just the beginning of a journey and I feel good thinking there are more accomplishments and goals to be set in the future. Last but not least, I would like to thank each and every instructor at Bikram Yoga Delray Beach for always encouraging me, helping me and challenging me to try my hardest each class.




 "What was most realized by me out of taking on this challenge, is that no matter how busy I am I can always make time for my health! 

I love that this is MY 90 minutes to build mental and physical strength, determination and focus. I feel amazing in so many ways as a result! More sculpted physically, stronger in my poses and more patience with myself and others. I know what ever I do, I do it better with Bikram Yoga. Namaste"




This was the realization I had from the challenge... No matter how tired you are physically, how broken you feel mentally, there is still something inside you beyond the body and mind which can help you do what you want... so simply do it :-)




I believe that the 1 month of consecutive yoga practice propelled me 6 months forward in my practice.  I improved my muscle memory and benefited greatly in so many other ways!




I learned yoga long before I began practicing.

My first class was about the postures, about my ability to move my body in ways that I never had, about learning to be in a class with others doing the same exact thing and getting my own unique benefits.

My first class, my first teacher, my first strong pose- warrior I. I was in a pose that was foreign, it wasn't a runners lunge, I wasn't focusing on any muscle group. I was standing in a pose that made me feel strong, that made may teacher say,"wow, nice warrior". It was the move that made me want to move my body, differently, it made me want to feel strong and not because I felt weak.

That is what made me love yoga because I could move my body into poses that I had never moved before.  Along with this was the powerful fact that this yoga was connected to a history I had only heard about, I was connected within and without of myself. When I stood in warrior, I felt it. When I stood in mountain, I felt it. My first month of yoga, my first teacher would explain the organs that were receiving the benefits in each pose, and as someone with a sense of humor,  I would move into the the pose thinking "hello liver". I smiled and had fun, and in the next moment, I fell in love with yoga.

So I practiced and I stopped. And I practiced again and I stopped again. And I would learn. And I would practice again. And I would stop again. It felt like I had not stopped for as long as I did, but I did. And I started again. And I learned every time I practiced and every time I stopped, I learned that I was still doing yoga. I moved and thought differently, no matter when I stopped or started. I knew yoga before I started practicing because of the life that was given to me, the love of friends, family and aquaintances. The experiences I have had and the ones I have today.

Yoga just connected all the dots. P.S. I didnt come up with this on my own, the teachers who have taught me and those that continue to teach me did, and with a little splash of me. My best to you and all you do.




I started Bikram Yoga 10 yrs ago. I live in the Upper Peninsula of MIichigan and winter in Delray. I was in the first class when the studio opened and have been a regular since, and I never miss a day. I go to the 4:30 class. I started yoga because of back issues and staying flexible for golf and tennis. I am a Bikram addict. We have no studio in the wilderness where I live, so I practice at my log home every morning at 6 am.

When I first started bikram, I struggled with the standing poses like most guys do, but I strengthened my leg muscles and practiced daily. Now they are my best poses. I believe the Bikram Yoga practice is the best physical exercise there is. With my experience, army P.T. Training and college physical Education Training, I should know. It physically works every part of your body inside and out, and mentally relaxes your mind. My favorite pose is the dead man pose, I even sleep in that pose. 




I have been practicing yoga on a regular basis since 2007. When I say regular, I mean more than three times a week. I started exploring yoga when some people I really admired, with fabulous bodies and great health, said they went to Bikram. I love a challenge. I love hard workouts that get results. I am a spin instructor and love to see students work hard. Anyone can work out and exercise, but most never change their bodies or attitudes. I like having a goal in mind. I started with the goal of losing weight.

That happened. I use my heart rate monitor and burn between 700-900 calories per session. Yes, the physical benefits were important to me, but the mental benefits were all the more important. I then thought to myself….. what next? Peace, contentment, stillness and repose.

I went and fell in love. I knew I loved it because I would start doing my deep breathing in the car on the way in anticipation.

If you stick with it you will have breakthroughs like I have had. How do you achieve breakthroughs? You just keep coming and pay attention. The hardest postures keep changing for me as I continue to grow. That is a breakthrough! A problem plaguing you and suddenly you find the answer, that is a breakthrough!

You will never know how strong you are until you test yourself. I do all of this with one leg. I was born with a congenital birth defect and had my leg amputated at age two. Instructors have been kind and helpful in their suggestions for modification of some of the poses, but I can do 98% of them. None of this comes easy for me but I do it anyway. My motto is, "Do it anyway." All of us have challenges, excuses for why we can't or shouldn't. "Do it anyway."






"On Valentine's Day I was able to complete the 40 class in 60 days challenge. I am feeling strong, firm, balanced and accomplished and it was a surprise to see that it got easier for me as the days went on. I exceeded my personal goal for this challenge by finishing 40 classes in 37 days. I had planned on doing one double and I surprised myself by being able to complete three doubles over the last three weekends of this challenge. I never thought I would be able to accomplish one double let alone three. By completing this challenge I have reaffirmed a belief in myself to never say "I can not".

I will be back tomorrow knowing that when I am consistent with my practice, it motivates me to improve all other areas in my life. Since starting my practice 6 years ago I have quit smoking, gained inner peace and have lost weight and kept it off. I now know that all I need in order to maintain a healthy body and mind is Bikram Yoga. When I started Bikram yoga it was on a challenge and today I still continue to challenge myself each day and I can't wait to see where my journey takes me. Thank you to Bikram Yoga of Delray and all their instructors for their encouragement."


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