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Hi yogis!


We are happy to announce the renovations at our studio are complete and the studio looks fresher than ever!


Bikram Yoga Delray Beach now has 2 showers in each changing area, more efficient usage of the space, soothing fresh paint, new baseboards and LED lighting to complement these beautiful upgrades.


I personally would like to express my gratitude to the teachers and students who amidst the temporary "construction zone" showed their support and encouragement and dedication to their practice. Without that very important aspect this would have been nearly impossible to accomplish in the time-frame we did. For that I am thankful.


Our classes remain the focus of our attention. We have been recognized by many as one of the best yoga studios around. Thanks to our experienced, committed, knowledgeable and compassionate teachers who are proud to be part of the BYDB community we can share this place and moments with all of you.


We are really excited to see you whether for the first time or for the 1000th time. Make that commitment to your health and wellness - go ahead and schedule that Bikram Yoga class you've always said you would.  



Come experience everything BYDB has to offer!

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